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Comfort & Design to relax in the Corporate Apartments.

Enjoy the each day with us.

Corporate Apartment is the team of enthusiastic and dynamic entrepreneurs. As this concept (Tailored Hospitality Management) is very young in the industry, we are also experienced young company with great determination to provide at par hospitality solution to its customers.

Our director believes hospitality services are not just a business but it is an attitude for Corporate Apartment here and we always try to maintain this attitude in our every aspect of business. Attitude of being generous also help our company to found great alliance around the nation and we are enough capable to setup the infrastructure around any metro of INDIA today.


Convergence provides smart, flexible and ready-to-use workspace solutions fitted with best in class infrastructure

Sound network nationwide

Can set up business accommodationfacility anywhere in the country.

Fastest turnaround time

Fastest turnaround time on projects: start within 15 days of site selection.

Premeditated locations

Premeditated locationsclose to main business cut unnecessary travelling cost & time.

Skilled staff

Skilled staff offersbest in class service for business and leisure travelers.

Modern placates

Modern placates,spacious environment& contemporary décor.

Fully equipped

Wi-fi, 24/7 Kitchenette, Gym,
In-house Laundry, Valet Service

Enjoy our best room views.

As important as strategy is, we have to execute to win. Execution involves every employee and every relation we have with customers. We must operate quickly on problems, drive results, not just activities.

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