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The team behind Corporate Apartment is one of passionate and active businesspeople. We are a young, experienced company with a strong commitment to offering customers an industry-leading hospitality solution, just as the concept of tailored hospitality management is still relatively new.

Our director holds that providing hospitality services is more than just a business for Corporate Apartment here, and we constantly work to uphold this attitude in all areas of our operations. Being kindhearted helped our business form strong alliances across the country, and today we have the capacity to build out the infrastructure around any Indian metropolis.

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Convergence offers ready-to-use workspace solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and equipped with the greatest infrastructure available.


National sound network

can establish a business lodging facility anywhere in the nation. can establish a business lodging facility anywhere in the nation.


Quickest turnaround time

Start a project within 15 days of site selection for the quickest turnaround.


Deliberate locations

Planned locations adjacent to the primary company reduce needless travel expenses & time.


Skilled staff

Professional staff provides top-notch service to both business and leisure travelers.


Modern placates

contemporary décor, spacious surroundings, and modern furnishings.


Fully equipped

Wi-Fi, a 24-hour kitchenette, a gym, and Laundry in-house, valet service

Enjoy our best room views.

As crucial as strategy is, winning requires winning execution. Every employee and every relationship we have with clients is involved in execution. We must solve difficulties swiftly and focus on results instead than just activity.

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