You are currently viewing Serviced apartments are one of the most profitable ways to grow in real estate

Serviced apartments are one of the most profitable ways to grow in real estate

The business world has many conferences, meet-ups, and projects lined up that require the employees to be in attendance, and these may be in a different city than the company office. The business meet-ups need employees in attendance, so they must also make their stay arrangements correctly. Finding Service apartments for a monthly stay, like one or two months, is only sometimes possible, and many budgets are also required.

In such cases, Service apartments for a monthly stay come into the picture for employees who are out for work reasons in other cities. 3-star Service apartments for a monthly stay in Mumbai are also available for the ones who prefer to stay in luxury places during their business trips. The homes are well-maintained and have all the amenities to make your stay comfortable. Budget-friendly options are also available for the ones who prefer them. In this blog, we will understand why Service apartments are catching on with the growth in the real estate sector. They are as follows-

Comfort like home –

Often, employees get bored of the hotels and luxury places for extended stays, like for 3 to 4 months or even more than that. They want to feel at home in the area and get the comfort of home. Hotels cannot offer the convenience our home can provide after a specific time. Hence, service apartments have a great play over here and can also establish their business well in the real estate sector.

Best service-

Service apartments for a monthly stay give good services to all their guests. The cleaning is taken care of daily, and they make sure that all the bedsheets and pillow covers are also changed regularly. The essentials, like towels, soaps, toothpaste, and kitchen items, are also kept for your convenience. The kitchen is fully equipped if guests are willing to cook anything for themselves. The basic groceries needed for cooking are also available in the kitchen, which is great because the guests don’t have to run outside to get everything.

All your needs are taken care of correctly, just like your home, and you will feel comfortable and homely over there. They give the best services than hotels also to all of their guests and are readily available at all the requests and preferences of the guests.

Preferred for long and short stays-

Service apartments every week are available for stay and extended stays. They are flexible in terms of the period of the visit. You can stay as much as you want based on your needs and preferences. They don’t even take heavy amounts from you if you wait for fewer days. The payment option is made quite flexible, and also budget-friendly prices are quoted with fair value to all the guests coming over here.

Extra amenities-

3 star Service apartments for a monthly stay have all the amenities that are best for spending your time during free hours or even on weekends. Amenities like gyms, pool for kids and adults, playgrounds, activities for adults like yoga classes, and much more is available at serviced apartments. The guests will have a great time here and enjoy their entire stay. They can even stay over here for vacations if not on business trips. The holidays are flexible.

Reasonable- Service apartments for a monthly stay in Mumbai

Service apartments for a monthly stay are having every month are more affordable when compared to the luxury hotel. They are cheap by more than 25 to 30% more than regular hotels and provide comfort for your homes. The monthly charges are reasonable at service apartments compared to luxury hotels.

Above mentioned are some reasons business employees prefer service apartments for a monthly stay or extended stays for their business trips over hotels. Service apartments are the changing structure of real estate and have a lot of scope and demand in the future if worked out properly with all the terms and conditions. Find our direction or location.

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